About Me !

Cautions: - Please lower your expectations a lot before reading this so that I may seem awesome to you.

1, July 1992 – I’m born after I traversed the superhighway of Galaxies and sky while coming from god home to my parents as told by my mother during my childhood.

1996 – Started Kindergarden. Since then I have been hearing I’m the most brat kid a parents can have. This statement have always made me wonder why didn’t they tried to loose me in the KUMBH MELA. Perhaps my mother knew I’m quite good at finding her.

1998 – Last 10min of every Shaktimaan episode and those 99% marks child ruined my playful childhood. Got a false impression that every person wearing a spectacle is scholar. Ate lot of center fresh and bubble gum to collect lot of WWE and Cricketers Cards. Realized that “kutta” and “kamina” is not the biggest swear word in the world.

2000 – Started playing cricket. Before this I used to be sweet and cute child for neighbors but not once after this. Complain started pouring in to the extreme that my mother used every possible cooking utensils and chappal to beat me. Since then those complaining aunties never seemed sweet to me either. Frustrated by my activities papa introduced me into the world of chess. Since then I’ve been playing cricket and chess regularly.

2002- Destroyed too many electrical and electronics appliance in a process to satisfy my curious mind. Some gave shock but that didn’t stopped me. Just like how aunties during fights are unaware of noise levels. Until one day I did something which was so catastrophic in nature that I got tight slap from my mom, which was of such an impact that from that day onward I understood every law of electricity.
2003 – Got introduced to world of computer. Played Dave, Mario, Road rash, NFS, Soon learned how to format and install drivers. Life changed after that was suddenly the blue eyed kid for those who was unfamiliar with computer.

2004 – Learnt how to drive a car. Got into trouble when parents found out. Cooking interested me, so started learning and has been cooking since then whenever I get time. Got introduced to the world of Internet. Made account on all possible email service provider and used to flag it as sign of my vast internet knowledge by showing the number of email account had.

2005 – Started participation in lot of school activities. Got First prize for writing skit.   Watched Titanic. Got curious about what they were doing in the car. Some friend in school tried to explain but was hard to believe so was introduced to the world of porn.

2007- Took my tenth boards. Discovered online torrents and porn. But was again in problem when cousin brother found out. Latter learnt how to erase browsing history and all had been okay since then.

2008- Ankle got half fractured while playing football. Spent 2 months on bed worrying for attendance. Mother was worried as if I was the only Bodhi tree away from enlightenment.
Won Air India Rank and Bolt award. My first award on state level. Received it from then governor of Jharkhand “Syed Sibtey Razi”.

2009 – Proper grammar and punctuations still eluded me.. Just like Bollywood movies which has kept eluding proper story. Came fourth in National Biotechnology Olympiad. Finished with school life. Meet another accident. Spent two month of crucial phase of life on bed watching lost and reading novels and psychology books.

2010 - Got admission into KIIT . Opted for Electronics and telecommunication engineering although, reading branch paper was like third on my lists of things to do while I was studying. Got interested into writing.

2012 – Turned into shameless parent by creating Tangled Vibes on BlogSpot by importing every blog post from WordPress and Facebook notes. Got interested in debating.
Became best student volunteer of the 99th Indian National science congress. Meet some of the Nobel Laureates, Former president Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam, Incumbent PM Dr. Manmohan Singh and others during the event.
Got award from Mr. Ruskin Bond. First Internship (Incept India).

2013- Passion for guitar was evolved from holding guitar for a pose. Got Paid by the client for writing – First paycheck $20. Got Hired by TCS. First alcohol.

2014- Learnt Adobe Illustrator as a passion for web design. Graduated. Got introduced to the world of Photoshop and realized since I’m clearly not photogenic I have hard earned the moral rights to use Photoshop.

So basically I don’t have life after my teenage. Facebook seemed interesting but later realized the amount of times I’ve to say NO! To every Facebook games and events request it had already prepared me to be a Father.

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  1. hahahaha .. right from the start till end i was laughing reading this.Truly! the most awesome ‘About Me’ i have read so far. :) first time in my life i'm liking someone else about me on facebook :D

  2. Just do one more thing Ankur,keep updating this page year after year.. ;-)
    BTW hw r u?

  3. hahaha..ur seeming awesome to me...and no i didn't read with lowered expectations!! the year when u landed from the distant galaxies is the year when i was looking at galaxies...std X was looming large over my head!

  4. Hahaha ..what a fun description :D You are awesome Ankur! :D :D
    Loved the blog header you created for me. :D
    You are too sweet. :')

  5. Hahaha... this is an amazing about me. You have changed my outlook about the facebook games. :P